Discord Community Level-up

1 min readApr 16, 2020

Hello everyone!

Today we level up our Discord Community to 1.000 users! Those fantastic and impossible! Thanks for everyone — you help us with it

We have already published two super-promo here #special-offers And we want to do one more thing. As you know, each other community can’t be without activity. It can’t be without active contributors and members. They build community by their action. And today we want to give some small presents for the most activity users of our Discord Community:

@Voltaik — 5$

@the unlucky bastard — 5$

@Lmao — 5$

@Pepe Bondiola — 3$

@LBag — 3$


@centufury — 3$


@Asuri — 2$

@hixed_ — 2$





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